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MF Architects wins third prize in the "International Design Competition of the Multi-use Project for the Labor Welfare Center and Happy House in Seoul"

The competition was organized by the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation (authority in charge of social housing development in Seoul), and proposed the design of a 22,000 m2 building, consisting of 170 housing units and a labor welfare center located on the lower floors. The project is located in Seoul´s downtown.


For this competition MF Architects teamed up with the Korean architectural firm BAUM Architects Inc. ( who played a key role in providing technical and local regulatory advice.


The competition jury was composed of six prominent Korean architects (Shin Hyunbo (Hannam University), Eunkyoung Lee (EMA Architects), Kim Sooyoung (su:mvie Architects), Kim Sung Hong (University of Seoul), Daesung Woo (opus Architects), Jeongim Kim (Seoro Architects) and Cho Nam-ho (Soltozibin Architects)), who among other things highlighted the project:


“It is a work of outstanding architectural consistency. The architect's clear will for the balcony created a new landscape of downtown.”


“Although it did not win the first prize, I believe that the submitted work suggested areas that the city of Seoul should consider deeply in the future policy direction.”

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