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Multi-use Project for the Labor Welfare Center and Happy House in Seoul



Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea




Social Housing + Labor Welfare Center


New work

The "International Design Competition of the Multi-use Project for the Labor Welfare Center and Happy House in Seoul", organized by the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation, called for the design of a 22,000 m2 building consisting of 170 housing units and a labor welfare center located on the lower floors, and is located in downtown Seoul.


The urban context in which the project is implemented consists of towers of 15 to 20 floors with high occupancy of the land, being very close to each other, generating a very unfavorable situation at the level of illumination of the interior spaces. Therefore, as a first design concept, the implantation seeks to achieve the greatest separation of the tower from the adjacent buildings, improving the situation of sunlight and views of the houses.


We also proposed the opening of several terraces, on various levels, facing south, generating collective open spaces of high environmental quality. At the façade level, we worked on a design of balconies that maximize the exterior area of each housing unit, as well as a green space for each one, and proposed a new urban landscape for downtown Seoul.

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