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CCMA | Centro Cultural Mariano Arana


Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay






New work

Two simple actions: cut and fold


The design is based on a single intervention of precise geometry: a cut and fold of surfaces is generated that results in an urban ramp, which rises from the ground to contain the activities of the program under this action.


Recover the visual level of the port and the Bay for the public space of the Old City


The public space that is created on top of the building proposes a continuous and accessible route from the lowest level to the highest, recovering a visual that the public space of the Old City lost as a result of the expansion of the harbor: that of the harbor itself and the Montevideo Bay.


Urban approach


The wedge volumetry responds to the interpretation of the tensions of the place – continuity of 25 de Agosto Street, the alignments of the built edges of the immediate surroundings, Piedras and Juncal streets and the current bus terminal.


The geometry of the project will complete the block. Given the slope between the west side of the property and Juncal Street, the building is located using this slope, creating the promenade of the proposal from level 0.00 of the existing public space.

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